About this site

About the Kiwi DeLorean Registry

I’ve been creating websites for a little while just for my own amusement, and as a huge DeLorean fan, I’ve been finding out all about various DeLorean’s in New Zealand. I’m sure other people find the same thing about an interest, you start talking to someone about it and they say “Oh, did you know….” and you store this info away.
In my case when I’ve talked to people about DeLoreans and explained that they are the ‘Back to the future” car, they say “Oh, did you know x museum has one?” or “Oh, one of my mates mates has one” etc, so I’ve had a mental listing of where various DeLoreans are in NZ for many years. This always came in handy when people would ask “How many DeLorean’s are in New Zealand”

A few years ago, I decided to combine my 3D skills and my DeLorean interest, to build a 3D DeLorean. About six months in to it, I got busy with other commitments and forgot about the model then early last year. Then in June of 2010, I decided to finish the build of the DeLorean, however I’d lost the original files! I had to start from scratch.

I started on the 5th of June 2010, and finally completed the model on the 13th of March 2012, you can see the progress pictures as well as a video on my 3D page here.

With the model complete, I looked for a new way to combine my technical skills with the DeLorean hobby. I noticed in the USA, most DeLorean owners have a website of some kind showing pictures and information about their car. Yet whenever I’d done searches for DeLoreans in New Zealand, nothing relevant came up, so then I thought: Start documenting all the DeLoreans in New Zealand!

I started off with a very basic wordpress site, tweaking the template and design a few times but I was never really satisfied with the look. At the time I decided the content was more important than looks, so I just carried on., To promote the site I set up a Facebook page and emailed several car sites to post updates and links to my site.

I was surprised with how popular the site was, the facebook page took off very fast and soon I was in contact with Andrew in Christchurch who is restoring his own car. I couldn’t let the opertunity pass, I had to offer to set up a page for him so we can all keep track of his progress, of course he accepted and the page is here (also see the tab VIN# 1564 above).

With the site becoming more popular, the design was really starting to bug me, so I decided to do something about it. My web skills had improved since building the first site and I’d moved away from wordpress to Joomla, So I figured I’d redesign the site, using Joomla as the CMS instead of wordpress. Although I have since moved back to wordpress due to Joomla’s lack of an upgrade path the the latest version.

The design popped into my head immediately, the front fascia of the car at the top of the page, with a stainless steel background. I did a render of my 3D DeLorean without the DMC logo, as that’s where the site title would go, and slowly put the site together over a few days.