Vin Decoder

You’ll notice that in the DeLorean world, most people refer to their DeLorean by a number, ie Andrew’s DeLorean in Christchurch is 1564 but what does this mean?

As you probably know, all cars have a VIN Number, which is like a cars serial number along with other information around certain options or build locations, as well as a ‘check digit” to ensure the complete number’s authenticity.

The first half of the VIN on a DeLorean never changes, as they never manufactured any other models or types of car, but you can tell the year and serial number from the VIN.

if you know the serial number of a DeLorean but not the registration, you can use the VIN Decoder to look up the cars’ VIN on carjam.

Now you can also download a small program to do VIN decoding offline! written by us here at The Kiwi DeLorean Registry

Download the VIN Decoder Program here