General DeLorean Links:

Project Vixen – This is the 5 year journey that Dave Stragand took as he rebuilt a disassembled DeLorean. This is a very interesting project!

Tamir’s DeLorean Site – This is a very good site for DeLorean car and company information.

DMC Texas – DMC Texas are doing a great job of keeping the dream alive, they sell New Old Stock parts, restore cars and even sell “New” DeLoreans made from old unused parts

DeLorean Ownership & Upkeep – a good blog with lots of interesting articles about the day to day care of a DeLorean


Carjam – I use this site for looking up numberplates if I know the VIN, and the VIN if I know the plate.

DeLorean VIN Decoder – if I know the VIN of a DeLorean (eg 502) I use this tool to get the check digit so I can put it though carjam

Car Searches


Autolist – Thanks to Quinn for suggesting this.

ebay – unfortunately ebay no longer allow car searches from outside USA, you’ll have to use a proxy.

Hemmings Motor News



AOL Autos

The DMCTalk forum


Gulf Coast Motor Works (DeLorean Dealer)

Beverly Hills Car Club (DeLorean Dealer)

Search Tempest (searches craigslist)

New Zealand:


New Zealand Classic Cars


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