I have finally finished the first of the sets of headlights!

Here  are some before and after photos:

After the previous post detailing painting the brackets, All that remained was to drill some holes in the L bracket and pop rivet the L bracket to the main bracket. Turns out the L bracket was made of stainless steel and my drill bits wouldn’t have a bar of it.

I spent about 15 minutes trying to drill the pilot hole, eventually the drill bit snapped. During the week I bought a better set of drills and got these holes and rivets done yesterday,

Today’s task was to re-assemble the brackets. This was pretty straightforward but took a wee bit of effort. The holes for the screws that hold the chrome to the buckets had to be made around 0.5mm bigger as the new screws were a bit bigger than the old ones, and the same for the springs.

The springs I bought were curled right around at the ends, so to get them to hook into the holes, I had to use 2 screwdrivers to pry the loops open at the end.

All that remains for this bracket is to find 2 nuts to bolt it back to the car and I also need to file down the terminals slightly on the new headlamps. The terminals are about 0.5mm too wide, so won’t fit into the sockets on the car.

I’m not 100% happy with the paint, as it’s just too cold so it’s not hardening well, and it kept bubbling. You won’t be able to see this as the fascias cover it, but it’ll still bug me. At least the paint will keep the rust away!