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Unfortunately I don’t know a lot about the history of my car, but I will document what I do know here.

She was built on December 18th 1981 and the title I have for the car lists an owner living in Alexandria, VA however I purchased the car from The Beverly Hills Car Club in Los Angles. The title was issued on 28/03/1988 so I’m not sure where the car was from ’81 to ’88, nor how/when it moved to LA.

The car has had a hard life, and was very poorly maintained. Despite only having 52,000 miles on the clock, there have been many repairs that have been done by an amateur mechanic in the cheapest/worst ways possible. There were also extra switches in the cab that I have no idea what they are for.

2017 Update: I found one switch was to turn the radio off completely, rather than having it go on standby, The other provided 12 volts to something in the engine bay, whatever it was is gone now and the wire was just sitting bare.

My theory is that the car had reliability issues due to lack of maintenance and was parked up for around 10 years (tar-like fuel, seized/rusted clutch cylinders) before being sold. I think this is was a hot area (cracked interior) but on a slope so when it did rain, the water would just sit as there is extensive rust at the front, then less rust the further you go back. Luckily the epoxy on the frame is in tact, with very little rust. There is some very minor surface rust here and there on the frame, which can easily be treated.

I purchased the car on 9th of July 2014, she arrived at my house on September 5th 2014. Click here to follow the restoration from the day she arrived.

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