Hello to all my readers out there!

Before I get in to the content of this update, I just want to let you know you may have read some of this before.

I did an update earlier in the year, but I had some server issues a while ago and had to restore one of my servers from backup. I found that my backups hadn’t been running correctly, so although I got most of my data back, I lost the last post. I have since updated my whole backup regime and implemented e-mail alerting etc so that shouldn’t happen again!

Luckily I have different backups in place for my photos, so none of the photos were lost. I’ll re-post what was in that post and add those photos to this update.

A few months earlier….

So, my last post was about rebuilding the suspension. I got the new shock and shock bushings on the front passenger side in last year, but then when I moved on to the passenger side, the spring compressor slipped and the spring went banana shaped.

I spent weeks and every method known to man to get it compressed and back in again, but nothing was working. The main issue I had was getting any of the spring compressors I tried to actually fit in the wheel well, and release the spring. With the help of my father in law, using brute force, we finally got the spring back in. I got busy with other things and just didn’t have the gumption to get back into working on the car for almost a year after that.

I decided after a year of not touching the car, to talk to someone about finishing off the rest of the suspension, get the panel work done and take a look at the engine to see if they could get it running a bit more consistently.

I talked to Barry from Leitch Motorsport and Restoration about this work and he was happy to take the project on. A few weeks later I packed up the DeLorean and he took it away to his workshop.

Barry and I discussed pulling the engine out and doing a compression test on it to see what condition it was in, which I OK-ed. Soon the engine was out and work began on the suspension and panel beating. Only a few weeks later I went back to have a look and the panels looked amazing, you’d never know where the dents were.

Things were going well until the team did the compression test. The results were very poor so they pulled the heads off and found a few interesting things. one of the cylinder liners was very badly scored and they also found some holes in the valley of death, right into the oil gallery.

So now we needed to decide where to go to from here. We decided the best plan was to swap the engine out and put all my new stuff (fuel system etc) on to the ‘new engine’.

So, I bought a Peugeot 605, Barry brought it down here and work will soon begin on the engine transplant.

In the meantime the guys have done an amazing job (pics soon) of the suspension work, the whole setup under the car looks brand new!