As with most re-asseblies, there isn’t much to report on putting the calipers back on the car.

I put the new pads and shims in the calipers last weekend and wanted to grease the pins the pads slide on, but I was out of grease. I got some grease during the week and finished the caliper assembly this morning. I thought I had a photo of the calipers with the pads in, but I didn’t so you’ll have to use your imagination!

I put the brake lines on the calipers before installing them in the car, as I figured this would be the easiest method. Everything went smoothly apart from attaching the flexi-lines back on to the hard-lines. The thread on the passenger side front brake line just wouldn’t get started. After many attempts, it finally started and tightened easily.

The drivers side caliper was much easier, although it did take a few attempts to get the speedo angle drive in the right spot so it wasn’t fouling the brake line or caliper. The lines did up much easier than the passenger side though.

Now on to the rear calipers!