I was at Southland’s crank up day yesterday, so didn’t get any work done on the car.

When I was taking the plugs out to lube the pistons, I noticed the belts were very worn. Then when I pulled the belts off, I found one of the idler pulley bearings was seized. I also found that the alternator’s tensioner wasn’t bolted to anything and was just flapping around in the engine bay.

Working on the pulleys was a nightmare with the back fascia panel still on, so I took this off, it really made things a hell of a lot easier, but I did manage to slice my finger on the engine cover release latch cable.

I got a new idler pulley (this was easier than just replacing the bearing) and Geoff from TurnTru Machining Ltd did a great job of pressing the shaft out of the old pulley.

The pulley tensioner system was a mess, as one bolt was missing completely, and the other had been replaced with a screw, so when I put the belts back on, I cut a new bolt to length for the alternator’s tensioner, and replaced both bolts on the A/C tensioner.

I am currently in the process of ordering parts from DMC, so when they get here, I should be able to put the fuel system back together.