I got some tools for Christmas, so work on the DeLorean has resumed!

While I was working on the fuel system, I noticed that the front wiring loom is shot, much like the rest of the wiring in the car. Someone had cut the plugs off for the fuel sender and pump, then spliced the pump etc directly into the loom. Now all the wiring is brittle and breaks very easily so I am going to make a new loom.

The loom comes from the fuse box, under the front right fender, down though the washer bottle compartment to the underside of the car (under the luggage compartment.) I have been told there is a plug under the fender, but as there is no removable panel on the inside of the luggage compartment, it looks like the fender is going to have to come off.

Whoever said “The panels just bolt on and off” is bending the truth a wee bit… Although the panels are bolted on, some of the bolts aren’t easily accessible. After doing a ton of research, it looks like the easiest way to get the front fenders off, is to remove the entire front fasica!

Although this needed to come off for painting, I was hoping to get to that a lot later on in the project, but never-mind!

The first step of the front fascia removal, is to unbolt the skirt. I started on this a few days ago and I’m still working on it. Every second bolt has snapped, the ones that remain are in such awkward places and so badly rusted, the only way to get them undone is with vice grips and tons of CRC.

I am currently having a break after fighting for an hour with a nut that will only move about 3 degrees at a time with the vice grips as there is no room to get any more ‘swing’ on it, so here are some photos for your enjoyment: