After last weekends disappointing lack of progress, I managed to get some work done on the DeLorean today!

Last weekend, I was hoping to get the fuel tank cleaned out and start rebuilding the doors, however both jobs were derailed due to lack of tools. Most of the screws holding on the fuel filler closing panel were badly damaged and rusted, so I only managed to get some out, even with vice grips. I moved to the inside hoping to start rebuilding the door mechanism, but found I needed a very long and thin extension for my small socket set to get the last 2 bolts off the door trim. these bolts were very deep inside the trim, behind all the rods.

a visit to my parents last Sunday resulted dad lending me a battery drill and some socket extensions as well as a screwdriver which could accept sockets and extensions for the door trim. Later that Sunday I spent 3 hours getting the fuel filler closing panel open. One screw pulled though the fiberglass panel, one drilled out OK, and the last one was a mission.. I spent about half an hour chiseling the screw head off as each time I tried to drill it, it just shattered the drill bit. There was silicon type glue and also foam seals holding the panel in place, I ended up lifting the panel up with 2 screwdrivers, then pushing it from behind with the 3rd screwdriver to get it out! I couldn’t believe taking one panel off could waste 3 hours.

Today I continued the job, I managed to get the fuel filler out, all the pipes, the fuel sender and fuel pump.  Again this all took around 4 hours. The pipes were almost ‘welded’ in place and the jubilee clips were very reluctant to let go even when they were unscrewed. One screw even came right out of the clip on the filler pipe, yet the clip still had a death grip on the pipe itself.

The fuel filler itself has an anti-siphon flap in it, which is very rusty, I was hoping to clean this out and fix it up, but it seems to all be welded together as a single unit.

The pump looks shot, as does the sender… the bottom half of the sender is still in the tank! The bottom of the fuel pump is covered in stale solidified fuel. It looks like barnacles. Again the wiring here is a complete mess, its scary to see how much bare wire was just floating around where all the fuel vapor would be.

After seeing there is still some very old fuel in the tank, as well as the state of the wiring, pump and sender, I decided during lunch break that I’m going to have to remove the tank completely to rewire everything and give it a decent clean out.

After Lunch I got the fuel tank closing plate off (I call this the fuel tank skid plate). Unfortunately 2 of the smaller bolts that hold the front of the plate to the frame snapped off, I’m not sure what I’m going to do about this yet. I also noticed there is some surface rust on the front part of the frame, so this will be a priority once the car is mobile to get it up on a hoist so I can strip and treat this. The rust patches are small so this shouldn’t be too bad to fix.

Now I need to research the parts manuals and workshop manual to see how to drop the tank out of the frame, so the last job I did of the day was to remove one of the door trims. The screwdriver dad lent me worked perfectly and the trim is now out. I just need to find the biggest Phillips screwdriver I can find to get the door control panel off.