This week I wanted to focus on the brakes and headlights.

I started the week by painting the main headlight bracket. There is an L shaped sub bracket that was too far gone, so I drew this up in CAD and sent it to E-Type Engineering, they made this up and I had it by the next day. Each day of the week I added another coat to one side of the bracket and headlight buckets. By the end of the week each side had at least 4 coats.

Wanting to get the headlights fixed up asap ready for the fascias to go back on, I searched for as many parts as I could find locally. I got the adjusters from Kingswood Country/Resto Spares in Australia. Evidently DMC used standard GM adjusters as these are the same as the Holden Kingswood from the HQ to HJ models. I needed 2 of these as they do 2 headlights each. They are slightly shorter than the ones I took out, but they should do the job.

I ordered the springs from RS components, while I was there I also notice they do rivnuts and rivnut tools! I’d been looking all over for these, so I’ll buy a set once I start re-attaching all the fiberglass closing panels.

The headlights came from AJ Auto Electrical, and are just off the shelf square headlights.

DMC in Texas really are amazing to deal with and I wouldn’t be nearly as far along as I am right now without them, but it is a pain waiting for shipping. The parts get to NZ within about 2 weeks, but they then take a further 2 weeks to go though customs and get to my place, so this is the only reason I’ve been trying to buy things locally at the moment.

While I was waiting for parts to arrive during the week, I decided to make a start on the brakes, my plan being as soon as the fascias are back and I have the brakes working, I can finally take the car for a test drive. I noticed unlike every other fluid in the car, the brake fluid looked OK. I was hoping I could just flush the system and rebuild the calipers. I got my wife to start the car up, and that’s where the plan fell apart. After having her starting and running fine last weekend, she just refused to start.

I played around with the mix a little, but was making no progress. I figured the last part of the fuel system I haven’t done yet was the injectors, which I was going to do after the brakes, but seeing as we’re back to square 1 with the engine not running at all again, I might as well do them now.

Getting impatient with setbacks, I called a local fuel injection place, Bruce Hoffman Ltd, to see if they could source the injectors locally. I was in luck, they could get them in within 2 days. When I went to pick them up, they also suggested replacing the injector seals at the same time, as they leak air when they harden. I did have these on my next order to DMC, but I figured I’d re-use the old seals for now, then replace them when my next order arrived.

I realise this is double handling, but my thinking was that if the injectors didn’t make any difference at all, I’d just give up on the K-jet and put the carb on instead.

Today I started re-assembling the headlights, painted the new L bracket and polished up the chrome headlight surrounds. While I was waiting for the paint to dry on the bracket, I made a start on the injectors. The first 2 went really well and the seals actually seemed in good order. When I got to the 3rd one however, the seal was as hard as plastic and cracked as I was trying to take it off the old injector.

I figured there was no point carrying on at this stage as I might as well get the seals in and replace them while the injectors are out of the engine. I’ll see if Bruce Hoffman can get them in, if not I’ll have to wait for them to come from the USA.