Anyone who has been following me, either in real life, on the Kiwi DeLorean pages or though the classic car magazine, know that I have wanted a DeLorean for as long as I can remember… well now I have one!

I first seriously started looking for a DeLorean last year, having saved and worked as much overtime as I could. I realised I’d never be able to afford a concourse condition D, so I decided to look for a DeLorean that needs restoration work. I’d had a few quotes so I knew how much to save, however these quotes hadn’t mentioned GST, which was an extra $2,000+ (see my DeLorean Importation and price guide as well as the DeLorean Importation Quote Builder for more info) so I went back to saving again.

Once I had saved up again, I found one for sale in Minnesota, I forget the price now, but it didn’t look like it needed too much work and was quite affordable. It was being sold by an auction type site (not ebay) and in order to use the ‘buy now’ feature, you had to put a deposit on the car. I put the money on my prepay visa to buy the car, but the banking system in New Zealand is very slow, so it didn’t appear on there until 4 days later (there was a weekend and public holiday in there) by which time the car had already sold to someone else. In my frustration I gave up looking for a DeLorean and bought a brand new Mitsubishi Lancer GSR instead. As irony would have it, a DeLorean appeared on trademe the day after I picked up the GSR for the same price!!

it is almost a year later and I found I still wanted a DeLorean so I went back on the search. After a few false starts I  found a DeLorean at the Beverly Hills Car Club for $14,000USD, The car looked ‘ok’ the body was mostly straight, it didn’t run and the interior was a mess, but the main thing was the frame looked good, apart from some minor surface rust.

$14k was more than I wanted to spend, so I asked how low they would go, the answer was $13k. I waited until my holiday and leave pay went into my account from the job I was leaving and asked if it was still available. Initially it wasn’t but they thought the deal might fall though and if it did, they would let me know.

Luckily for me, the deal did fall though, after a quick call to Extreme Global Shipping around escrow and getting a quote, I told Beverly Hills I would buy the car on the 9th of July 2014.

The first week after deciding to buy the car and signing all the paperwork (and there is a lot of paperwork) I felt sick! I was paranoid I had forgotten to factor something in, or that some other bill would come in that I hadn’t expected and I wouldn’t be able to afford it. Both Corrinne from Extreme and my fiancée were great at getting me though this stage, however I don’t think I’d ever want to import a car again!

Now its just a case of waiting. The transaction should all be finished by Monday, then the car should be on its way! I have already started thinking about all the work (and money) needed to restore the car. I hope you all enjoy following me on this very exciting journey!

She should be in NZ on the 18th of August 2014, then it’ll take around 2 weeks to get to Invercargill.