The parts for the k-jet arrived yesterday, so I set about installing them today.

Installation was very straight forward and took about an hour to install the new:

  • Fuel Distributor
  • Idle Speed Motor
  • Thermo Time Switch
  • Frequency Valve
  • Fuel Pressure Regulator

New copper washers were included with the distributor, which is good as they are supposed to be replaced each time you undo the banjo bolts.

I got my wife to start the fuel pump so I could watch for leaks, there were none around the engine bay which was good, but there was one on the fuel return line at the pump. I took this like off the pump and put it in an empty acetone bottle, because I wanted to see how much fuel was coming back to the pump. Previously there was very little, but now, withing a few moments the bottle was almost overflowing!

I fixed up the remaining leaks and we spent some time trying to get the idle mix just right. The engine starts again, but the battery was pretty low, so this is on charge now.

Nest step is to check the new fuel pressures (there are 2 separate readings now which is great) and see if we can get her to idle without me having to manually hold the throttle spool.