After the failure of the home made seal, I went online to see if I could find a proper one.

Although the failure was caused by bad oil, which is now fixed, I wanted to see if there was a more elegant solution than using rubber hose and gasket sealer.  There is a brass keeper (Part# 102294) and a rubber o-ring (Part# 102293) which were missing from my mix unit. DMC Texas don’t have any of the keepers, but I found DMC Europe do!

I ordered one of each and they arrived in about a week. It seems the keeper was machined out of aluminium rather than brass and it fits perfectly! They also threw in a cool “Remove before flight” keyring.

I tidied up some of the vacuum hoses as the area around the pipe is very crowded. I also extended (cut and soldered in sections) the throttle idle microswitch, as this is a mission to plug and unplug once the W pipe is on. The intake manifold is back on, and the mix unit is also in place and all injection lines connected. I just have to put the W pipe back in and she should run again.

I didn’t bother taking pictures as you’ve already seen all the stages of intake manifold disassembly and reassembly!

Just as a side note, now I know the car better, it only took me about 45 minutes to get the intake out, and about 2 hours to get it back in. This included the time I spent moving hoses and lengthening wires.