I wasn’t feeling too well today, so just focused on getting the muffler re-installed.

It had already taken me an hour yesterday to get the first bracket into the mounting grommet, I was hoping the rest of the installation would be much quicker.

I tried mounting the catalytic converter first, then ‘plugging’ the muffler into the cat, but the muffler just wouldn’t move far enough to do this. I had to put the muffler onto the cat, then angle the whole thing back into position so I could get the cat’s studs to line up with the crossover pipe.

I had to use a crow bar to leaver it slightly, as no matter what angle I tried, it would just jam up and not budge. Once the muffler was in place, I put the second bracket (directly under the first one) back in, then did up the nuts on the cat converter again.

I used the same technique of packing the socket and ‘feeding’ the nut onto the studs of the cat as I did last time, because all the studs are hard to get to and one of them you can’t see so you have to do it by feel.

I have one more bracket to install, then I can re-install the heat shields.

While I was in the garage, I also re-connected the radiator fans. I’d disconnected these as they were loud when I was making a video to show DMC the noise the fuel pump was making.