Yesterday I put the new injectors in and today I got the headlights finished.

I set to finishing the headlights today, but ran out of small self tapping PK screws, that are used to screw the chrome bezel to the headlight bucket. After a quick trip to the shops I managed to get the driver’s side lights back together in about an hour. This includes polishing the chrome, inserting the new adjuster grommets, adjusting the springs to fit and re-assembling the lights.

This was actually one of the more fun parts of the restoration so far, I really enjoyed taking the old rusty brackets out, de-rusting them, painting them and replacing all the rusty fasteners/springs. Its one of those jobs where you actually get to see the result of your work.

Luckily, Bruce Hoffman Ltd were able to get in the injector seals I needed to go with the injectors I got in my last post. I put the new seals on all the new injectors and banjo bolted them back onto the injection lines. I read somewhere that you shouldn’t use penetrative¬†oils such as CRC or WD-40 on the seals, as the oils will attack the rubber. Instead, the suggestion was to use DOT4 brake fluid.

The DOT4 worked like a charm and made sliding the the seals on a piece of cake. Once the new injectors were all connected, I put them in glass bottles. It looks a bit weird, but to ensure the fuel mix is roughly where it needs to be, you put all the injectors in bottles or jars, bypass the RPM relay, and start the fuel pump. With the pump running, you turn the mixture screw counter clockwise until the fuel stops spraying from the injectors. This is also a good way to check for leaks around the banjo bolts connecting the injectors to the injection lines.

There was a pleasant¬†‘pop’ sound as each injector broke the seal that had formed while they were on the shelf. With the mix set and the injectors tested, I put them back into the engine, put the W pipe back on and started the car.

She starts and idles again now, which is great, however there is still a little bit of a missfire, sometimes resulting in a small backfire in the manifold. The spark plug leads are a bit loose on the plugs, so I’m going to replace the leads, as well as the distributor cap and rotor.

This won’t stop me from making a start on the brakes in the meantime though.