It’s been a very busy week in the garage!

Last weekend after getting her to run by bypassing the idle motor and using engine start spray, I spoke with DMC a bit more on where to go from here. DMC were helpful as always and gave me lots of pointers. I also talked to a local mechanic, as helpful as DMC are, timezones and shipping times are frustrating when I’m so close to finishing the engine.

My local mechanic suggested converting the engine to run via a carburettor, rather using the K-Jetronic mechanical fuel injection. I had considered this when I first bought the car, but now that I realise if I have issues with the K-jet, no one local can help me, I decided to revisit the idea.

I have decided to continue with the K-jet for now, but I am on the hunt for a carbureted intake manifold in case I do decide to dump the K-jet.

With that said, I did some more work during the week on the starting problem. I leaned the mixture right out and she started after a bit of cranking, without having to bypass anything.

I figured I should try again, and in total got her to start 3 times that night which is great progress. This did bring 2 new issues to light though. The first issue is she’s idling at 2,500rpm and the second issue is lots of blue smoke.

The blue smoke had me worried that the piston rings may be shot, but After talking to DMC, some friends and asking in the DMCTALK forum, I’ve come up with a plan:

  • Do an oil and filter change
  • Fix the idle speed
  • Start the engine and make sure it warms up (checking things like the fans etc)

If she’s still blowing blue smoke I’ll check the valve seals.

Today I started on the oil change although I didn’t get very far. I bought an oil drain socket set as the DeLorean uses a square holed oil drain plug, some oil, a set of T shaped allen keys to adjust the idle and a new oil filter + drain gasket.

I was about to start the oil change, when I decided I needed to stop putting off re-attaching the muffler and just get it done. The previous owner had broken and re-welded the bracket that goes into the engine mount by the alternator. The problem is he welded it (badly) too far back, so it doesn’t fit in-between the mouting grommet and the frame.

The other problem is the muffler is heavy, so after a few minutes of pushing and shoving, your arms start to hurt. In the end I had to take off the rear heat shield (in between the muffler and the rear bumper), the catalytic converter (that I’ve only just re-attached) and bend the mounting bracket slightly downwards to get the muffler mount in.

This took about 2 hours in total by which time I couldn’t even lift a tool any more, so I called it a day. Seriously, try undoing bolts you can’t see with your arms up in the air under a car with the fear of it crushing you at any moment ????.

Tomorrow I’ll loosely re-attach the cat, the rest of the muffler brackets and both heat shields. Obviously I need to get the order of re-assembly right, as I’d hate to get the cat and brackets in, then find I can’t get the heat shield back in for example.

Once that’s done, I can  start on the oil change.