As I ran out of time on the weekend, I wanted to get the back brakes disassembled so I knew what to order from DMCH.

Taking the back calliper off the disc didn’t take too much effort, but I did run into a few interesting things.

  • The shock isolator is perished, the same as on the front shocks
  • One of the pins was held in with a rusty carpet tack
  • The top main bolt holding the calliper on was not only loose, but was hanging out by 1/2″
  • One of the fittings that attaches the crossover pipe to the calliper is seized
    • The crossover pipe feeds brake fluid to the other side of the calliper
  • There is a ‘fork’ that maintains the spacing of both sides of the handbrake block, this had crystallised and broke

The last 2 items may present a problem. Both the crossover pipe and the fork are part of the main calliper assembly and I don’t think DeLorean Texas have these in stock. I can do without replacing the crossover pipe, as it looks like there is nothing wrong with mine apart from being stuck. The fork will need to be replaced though.

I’ll talk to DMC first, if they can’t source the part I’ll try a few other DMC’s around the globe and if all else fails, look at buying new rear callipers from another source.