Now we’re getting into the fun and most rewarding part of the project, reassembling everything we’ve taken apart!

During the week, I dropped off the exhaust manifolds to Automotive Engine Reconditioners for milling. They were incredibly fast, and the manifolds were ready for pickup the next day, milled and with the crossover pipe studs removed.

As I started putting the new studs in the manifolds, that would mate the manifolds up to the crossover pipe, as well as the new catalyctic converter studs, Sarah replaced all the muffler mounts.

To put the new studs in, I used the same method of using 2 nuts as I did to get the old studs out. The big studs going into the catalyctic converter and the ends of the manifolds were simple enough. I used the old nuts so it didn’t matter if I damaged or stripped them.

Putting the studs into the block was just as easy as taking them out and just as time consuming. I finished working on the car at 8-ish and I have finished the passenger side bank.

2 tricks I learnt while putting the studs into the block:

  • Put the 2 nuts on the stud before putting it into the block
    • At first I was putting them in finger tight, then putting the nuts on, this was awkward
  • Paint half the stud tip white, or put a dot on the end of it.
    • This way, you can see if the stud is actually tightening, or if the nuts are slipping