I finished tightening up the exhaust manifold studs today and was about to loosely attach the manifold when I noticed a lot of wiring to the alternator and starter.

Seeing as replacing these wires would be easier before the manifolds went back on, I thought I would swap out the harnesses, as I had a new engine harness to go in. I started undoing the old harness and taking photos of each plug so I knew where the new plugs went.

It occurred to me that the new harness didn’t appear to have the wires for the starter or alternator. And most of the plugs on the old harness were missing so I wasn’t too sure where they went. I figured I’d just take the old harness out, then lay the new one in, as the wires are the right length to reach the sensors they need to, so the new harness would ‘find its way’ up to a point, then I can look at the wiring schematic for the rest.

This was going well until I got to the starter motor wires. The nut on the starter motor that holds the wiring lug in place is just spinning and won’t undo. I can’t get the nut splitter on there due to lack of space and fear of damaging the thread. I’m going to have a think about my options and where to go next.

So I need to find out if there is a separate harness for the starter and alternator (meaning mine has been spliced into 1 for some reason), and also how to remove the starter. Once I know this info I can look cutting the wires, removing the starter, getting it reconditioned and then replacing that part of the harness with a NOS or home made one.