Finally some progress after 4 days of fighting with a door!

The door was really starting to bug me, nothing was working. After some advice from the DMCtalk forums, I decided to spend a bit more time on the lock rather than the latch.

I spent about half an hour on it, had a break then came back. I found that continually rocking the lock back and forth must have worked something loose, as the locks were starting to ‘pop’ open and closed. Previously the locks felt mushy. I’d pop it open and closed, then try the main latches again, finally the door popped open!

I’m going to strip the rest of the trim off the doors this weekend and re tension all the rods to get them working perfectly again. I’ll leave the trims off until I have got the windows working again.

After that fight, I decided to see what (if any) electrics worked. I put the new terminals on the battery leads, then realised I need to do some more research on the battery arrangement, as I have a very small battery but there was no way it would fit in the battery box with the terminals attached.

I got both terminals on the battery however and was a little disappointed that NOTHING happened… I know most of the relays are toast, but I was hoping some lights may come on the dashboard, or I’d hear something click, but there was nothing, the car seemed utterly dead.

I checked the battery voltage, it was over 12 volts, so I thought I’d try moving the key to the ACC position to see if anything would work at all. As soon as I moved the key, the highbeam and ‘lock doors’ lights came on! I was so happy to see that there was at least some electrical things working!

I pulled the high beam stalk back, and it worked! I got out and had a look, most of the headlights work!

I need to do a proper check and inventory of the electrical systems, as some things weren’t working, but so far I found:

  • Center console lights work
  • Headlights work on low beam (intermittently, also one is yellow, the other is white)
  • 1 high beam works
  • The indicators work as markers, however hazards and blinkers don’t, I expect the indicator relay is dead
  • some of the marker lights work (didn’t check them all yet)
  • 1 tail light works (not sure about the rest of the tail light cluster yet)
  • Instrument backlights don’t work
  • the RPM guage reset to 0, but the speedo and rest of the gages didn’t

Overall I’m very happy with this result! the electrical system is a bit further down on the list, but its good to know something works!