While I was re-mounting the front Calipers, I remembered I was going to replace the front shock bushings and isolator.

I should have done this before re-mounting the calipers, but I can probably get away without having to take them off. I figured I should get started with this job before mounting the rear calipers as it would be easier.

After taking the shock out, I figured I should check the rest of the bushings too, as it makes sense to do them all at the same time. It wasn’t a pretty sight, most of the bushings are very badly perished or non-existent, so I’m going to have to replace them all. Chances are, my shocks won’t pass VIN inspection in NZ so rather than take the chance, I think I’ll just replace the shocks now, while everything is still fairly easy to get at.

It’s not going to be a cheap job as a set of shocks from DMC are $1,150 NZD plus GST + shipping…..