3 months since the last update? wow!

So it has been a long time since my last update, but there are good reasons. First off, when I ordered my new shock absorbers and suspension bushings from DMC EU, Ed was away for a week so he could only send them when he got back. It usually takes at least 2-3 weeks for parts to get to NZ. Once they had arrived I found the bushings and tie rod ends, but no shocks. I emailed Ed, who was away again for another week, so he sent the shocks once he got back and of course it took another 3 weeks for them to arrive.

Shortly after they arrived, we had a sick family member, so weekends were spent in hospital. He passed away so another weekend was spent at the funeral and recovering from the shock. About a week after that another family member became ill and several weekends were spent in hospital with him, then he also passed away. In between all of that, our cat also died, so more time was spent dealing with that.

This weekend was a 3 day weekend due to Labour day here in NZ and I also took the Friday off so my wife and I could spend some time together, not at hospitals or funeral homes.

I finally got round to replacing the top shock absorber rubbers, as well as the rubber isolators in the suspension tower, that sit in-between the spring and the tower. Here is a before and after of one of the rubber bushings:

New top bushing

New top bushing

Top shock bush

Old top shock bush

This was a job I was not looking forward to as it involved compressing the springs and removing them. This can be very dangerous as the springs are under a lot of tension. If something were to break the springs can go flying and hurt/mame/kill someone.

I am very happy with the results, although it took about 4 hours to do one side. I ended up having to undo both the upper and lower control arms, as even with the spring fully compressed it just wouldn’t come out. To get everything back in, I used my trolly jack to lift the whole suspension assembly back into place so I could get the bolts back in. I also used this method to compress the shock enough to get the top thread to come out of the suspension tower enough to get the top nuts on.

Another trick I found, when I was putting the new isolator in place, it would keep falling out as the spring wasn’t there to hold it in place. I used Silicon gasket cement to hold it in while I got the spring in.

On a side note, I also have a new phone, so no more blurry photos!!