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A huge thanks goes to the following people for helping with the restoration (so far)!


YOU! for reading this blog 🙂


My wife Sarah for helping with labour and ideas


My parents for loaning me various tools


The DeLorean Motor Company, for technical support and damn good customer service


Owen for the loan of tools (see his blog here)


The DMCTALK forums for advice and technical help


Horsebox from DMCTalk who spent a lot of time helping me with the K-Jetonic fuel injection system


Andrew from Christchurch, who is also restoring a DeLorean and has been a good source of advice


James from timaru who also has a DeLorean and often called me with leads on project cars when I was looking for one


E Hays and Sons, Their customer service is second to none, they are full of advice and bend over backwards to make sure you get what you need.

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