Its been a while since I worked on the car, while I saved for, then waited for, parts from DMCH.

I had ordered all new injection lines, a new fuel accumulator kit, filter restraining screw and a few other bits and pieces. I put the filter together roughly to make sure I knew how to assemble it first, then I screwed the bottom elbow on nice and tightly.

After this I put the main fuel supply pipe in the fuel distributor and ran it down to where the new filter was going to live. I’m getting good at swapping the filter in as it has to go in at a specific angle. The filter fitted into the bracket and after a bit of ‘fiddling’ I managed to get the hollow bolt, feed line to the distributor and the washer all screwed in to the top. I held the bottom of the filter with a spanner, and tightened the top banjo bolt as tight as I could.

When I was undoing the old filter, a few months back I didn’t hold the bottom of the filter when I was undoing the rusted top banjo bolt. This caused the filter to turn around in the bracket, which I wasn’t too worried about at the time, but I then realised I had bend the bottom stainless line that comes from the fuel accumulator. I managed to straighten this out, but just in case the pipe had a pinhole leak I ordered a new one with all the rest of the stuff I’d ordered.

Today, while I was putting the new filter in, I found I couldn’t get the tube nut to slide all the way up the bottom feed line, onto the elbow joint at the bottom of the filter. This was because of the distortion in the feed line, so I made the choice to just replace it with the new one I’d ordered.

The pipe from the accumulator to the filter disappears though a panel which of course had 3 rusty bolts. I’ve removed these using the bolt splitter so the panel is out of the way now. The issue facing me now is I can’t get the tube nuts off of the accumulator to get the pipes off and replaced. I will have another go as fatigue is setting in, but there isn’t any room for leverage inside the frame, so may have to do some research on how to get these undone easily.

The new stainless line from the accumulator to the filter did come with ferrings, but they need to be crimped on to the line, so I need to find someone who can do this for me as I don’t have the tool. I also found out there is a leak in my garage, which happens to be right above the container I had the banjo bolts from the fuel distruibutor in, so now they are all rusty and wet. Once they dry out I’ll give them the wire brush treatment.